Open Source Songwriting Project

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I'm starting an open source songwriting project.

We're running it through Google Docs, so we can all collaborate instantaneously. Let me know if you'd like to join, and I'll shoot you an invite.

ETA: After my spate of really bad forum etiquette, now I've got this handled. If you want to participate, please email me at [email protected], or register on the site and comment on the song you'd like to work on. Thanks!


  • This sounds very interesting. And unique.
  • I'd like to join. Sounds like fun.
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    Isn't this kind of what The Mandelbrot Set is, but with songs other than those written by just JoCo?
  • I think the plan is to write a new song.
  • Yeah, I meant similar as in the combining of stuff from different people over the internet. Thank you.
  • Please contact me through one of the methods mentioned on the site, I'll be able to get you involved way faster than if I wait until I check here in Jocoland.
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    Also, this would be the best. Feb 28th, here we come!
  • Also, who can help me learn how to work with Amazon MP3?
  • @Mess_iah: You know you can edit your comments, right? :-)
  • @Colleenky: Your comment made me smile... am I bored or what?
  • Sad thing is, he's clearly aware of editing, since he edited two of his quadruple posts.

    (Forum etiquette around here, to be clear, is rather than post multiple times in succession, edit your most recent post to add your further comments, hence the "ETA:" you see sometimes, which means, "Edited to add". Not actually against any rules, but a bit of an irritation.)
  • Of course editing a post doesn't bump it to show it has changed, but if your post was recent, that shouldn't matter.
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    Heh, sorry about the bad forum etiquette guys, I was on a bit of a manic episode when posting before. No more crazy quad posting, cross my heart.

    Edit: Ack, still not doing it right! Sorry guys.
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    [message redacted]

    Edit: D'oh, I am bad at forum ettiquette apparently.
    Edit2: My powers of bad ettiqutte are more powerful than you can possibly imagine!
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    Heh, sorry about the bad forum etiquette guys, I was on a bit of a manic episode when posting before. No more crazy quad posting, cross my heart.

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    Also, it looks like the Chicago stage appearance is a go!
  • Great, Bry... now that you've broken the streak, Mess_iah can post twice more with a clear conscience. ;)
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    And hey, I could've put those edits down here, hah. Again, sorry, brain's been to crazyville and back lately.

    I realized I'd messed up as soon as I posted that double, but then the forum stopped loading for me! Very inconvenient.
  • Not that it'd matter, Mess. It's not like you can delete posts anyway.
  • Right, but I could've edited and made it clear I understood the social contract. Oh well, it's all good now.
  • If the worse problem we have on these forums is people double posting, I think we are doing well.
  • I'm now following everyone from this thread I could find on Twitter. The hivemind, I join it.
  • One of us... one of us.. Gooba Gabba Gooba Gabba. We accept him, we accept him....

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