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Artificial Heart Tour Shirt (LIMITED)

Only a few signed shirts from our most recent tour remain.

Tour Shirt!

JoCo Cruise Crazy 2 Print (LIMITED)

Still jonesing for your JCCC fix? Well, good news, there’s a THIRD CRUISE. But if you are primarily the nostalgic type, or you just love ships with beards, you can get the commemorative, limited edition, homeopathic JCCC2 poster right here!

JCCC2 Poster!

Official Coloring Book

Len also created the only official Jonathan Coulton coloring and activity book – Jo-Color-It!

Jo-Color It!

Code Monkey Card Game (FREE!)

There are more crazy mo-fos out there than you can shake a stick at – Mike created this Code Monkey card game, and it is free to download and print out.

card game